Free Communication Tools for Your Community

Looking for educational posters about recycling to hang up at drop-off locations? How about tip cards to pass out at your next community or college fair? Or information to include on your website?

Browse our communication tools, add them to your website, or download them for free to use to educate your community about plastic film recycling.

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Educate with Downloadable Badge

Display this badge on your webpage to inform residents not to put bags/wraps in curbside collection and to find a local drop off. Simply copy and paste the code at right into the HTML of your site.
Please do not alter the code or image.

Insert the code below to place the 300 x 250 badge on your site

Film Dropoff Directory Badge
<img src="" alt="Film Dropoff Directory Badge"/>

Insert the code below to place the 728 x 90 badge on your site

Where do I RECYCLE plastic bags and wraps?
<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/comm_leader-board_728x90.jpg" alt="Where do I RECYCLE plastic bags and wraps?"/>