Sponsorship Guidelines for How2Recycle Label for Return to Retail Films


The American Chemistry Council (ACC, in conjunction with its Flexible Film Recycling Group) and GreenBlue (GB, in conjunction with its Sustainable Packaging Coalition) have formed a partnership to increase the recycling of plastic film packaging through a new program initiative directed at consumers.  The primary goal of the program is to raise consumer exposure and knowledge of the recyclability of polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE) film packaging through effective labeling.

Together ACC and GreenBlue are recruiting participants to use the How2Recycle “Store Drop-off” Recycling Label for PE bags, wraps, and films.


ACC will provide a maximum of $2500, per company, to sponsor participation in our incentive program to encourage broader adoption of the film recycling label. In most cases, the sponsorship will be provided as a contribution or match to the company’s How2Recycle License Fee.  The sponsorship dollars will cover the entire fee for a two-year period for eligible companies. ACC and GB will mutually agree on each sponsorship award.


Any consumer goods brand company or retailer producing private label products that use PE film packaging.  Also eligible are manufacturers producing non-branded film packaging products or a consumer goods or retailer private label brand partnering with a manufacturer to share the License Fee.


Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Notification will be made directly to each sponsorship recipient, together with a press statement and on the SPC’s website.

Evaluation Criteria

  • First Adopters in Category*: Companies that are the first in a film packaging category to adopt the label.
  • High Volume Adopters or First Adopters: Companies that represent a substantial market share in a film packaging category or first adopters in such categories.
  • Need Based: Companies that demonstrate a need (new to market, niche category, etc.)
  • Public Awareness: Preference will be given to those applicants that provide a brief summary of their company’s marketing or promotional plans to maximize public awareness of the award.

 Selection Process

  • Sponsorship applications will be reviewed by an SPC and FFRG management team to determine award recipients based on eligibility and compliance with the selection criteria.

To Apply

Sponsorship applications should be prepared in a letter form and sent to:

Sustainable Packaging Coalition

ATTN:  Kelly Cramer

600 East Water Street, Suite C

Charlottesville, VA  22902


Interested participants who have questions about the application process should contact GB’s primary contact:  Kelly Cramer, kelly.cramer@greenblue.org

Participants must sign the How2Recycle License Agreement, available here: http://www.how2recycle.info/how2join/