Connecting with the right recyclers requires you to know how much plastic film scrap you generate. Below is a breakdown of ways to connect with recyclers based on your overall generation of clean, dry #2 HDPE or #4 LDPE plastic film scrap.

You will have to find a place to drop off your scrap plastic bags and film. Some material recovery facilities or municipal recycling centers accept bags. If not, you might find another business (e.g., grocer) that will allow you to piggy back on their collection program. Our Consumer section has a directory of retail stores that offer bag recycling to customers.

*please note what your drop off location accepts at their location.

You will likely need to find a hauler that can pick up your material or a place to deliver your scrap plastic. If you do not currently have recyclers or haulers in your area that collect plastic film, you might consider:

  • Asking recyclers/haulers who pick up cardboard if they would be willing to pick up plastic film with the cardboard
  • Asking your local recycling coordinator
  • Ask your suppliers about the possibility of backhauling your recyclables to their distribution center. Many distribution centers recover a variety of recyclable material.
  • Ask neighboring businesses if they generate film so that you can entice a recycler by enabling them to service multiple accounts. Since fuel costs are high, recyclers must find efficient routes and collection methods.

If you generate more than a ton (2,000 lbs) search for a recycler or end market and ask whether or not they can help you find a solution to your collection challenges. If you cannot find a recycler that can accept your film, due to insufficient quantities, refer to the section above to identify a hauler.

Know the recycling company name or part of it? Search for it here.