Recycling Plastic Film at Your Business

Many businesses in the U.S. collect plastic film, such as pallet wrap and product overwrap, in the back-of-house. And many retailers provide front-of-house recycling bins to collect post-consumer plastic film from their customers.

What are the benefits of collection post-commercial or post-consumer film?

  • Many businesses have sustainability goals. Recycling post-commercial film can help your business get closer to meeting those goals.
  • If you don’t recycle post-commercial film, you have to landfill it, which costs money. Recycling plastic film can help offset tipping fees. Check out our calculator to see how much money you could save.
  • There are markets for recycled polyethylene (PE) plastic film. Other companies use this material to create new products like composite lumber and new bags.

Check out some companies that use recycled plastic film here

In this section, learn about recycling post-commercial and post-consumer plastic film at your business, including how to do it and do it well, how it can save you money in the process, and other companies that are having success with plastic film recycling programs.