Enter your zip/postal code below to find retail stores, municipal recycling centers and private recyclers in the United States that accept plastic bags and film packaging.

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Disclaimer: While significant efforts have been made to provide reliable information, the Flexible Film Recycling Group makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of information posted in the directory. Due to ever changing conditions and policies, stores may discontinue their programs for collection of plastic bags and wraps. These changes may not be reflected in the directory. Before visiting a referenced drop-off location, please check with your local store to confirm its ongoing collection of plastic bags and wraps.

*please note what your drop off location accepts at their location.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning January 1, 2020, all cities in King County, WA, will no longer accept plastic bags and wraps in residential curbside recycling bins. Residents will be directed instead to return their clean plastic bags and wraps for recycling to area stores that are listed in our Drop-off Directory. We are actively working with retailers in King County to have more bins in place by the January 1st deadline. We will update the listings as more stores have bins in place.

In the meantime, please collect your bags and wraps instead of throwing them away. Thanks for your patience and for recycling your plastic bags and wraps.