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If you purchase, collect, or have a drop off recycling program for plastic bags, film and wrap, please list your information in the Film Recycler Directory so businesses or communities with plastic film scrap can find your organization.

It only takes a few minutes and helps us build the most comprehensive film recycler directory available. Whether you are a reclaimer, manufacturer, exporter, broker, MRF, hauler, other intermediate processor, distributor, institution, buy back center, drop off center or any combination of the above, we want you in our database.

Both local government recycling coordinators and our staff have already entered many businesses and their basic contact information into the film recycler database. So before you begin, search for your organization in our directory using the search box to the right. If your organization is already listed, check whether your entry needs updating. For new entries, please provide as much information as possible. By providing us with information including services available, organization type, and company description, together we can continue to build and expand an efficient film recycling network serving all communities.

Looking for markets for your plastic film material?  SEARCH the FILM RECYCLER DIRECTORY.
Success Stories
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a nationally recognized leader in collegiate recycling and sustainability programs. Since 2009, two university offices--Housing and Residential Education and Waste Reduction and Recycling-- have run two programs to recycle plastic bags and films. One recycles the heavy gauge bags which cover new mattresses and the other collects and recycles bags, film and wraps from move-in weekend activities.... Read More
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