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Many buyers, or end users, accept a mixture of LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, and MDPE. Learn how to determine what types of plastic you generate.
Consumers and employees want to know where they can recycle their plastic bags and other recyclable film and wraps. In addition to providing recycling bins in convenient locations, grocers and retailers can help through employee and consumer education. Posters and well-marked recycling bins near entrances remind customers to return bags for recycling.

• Conveniently locate garbage cans for consumers to place their trash
• Ideally, locate garbage cans so consumers reach it before reaching the plastic bag recycling bin to avoid contamination
• Use transparent bins and transparent bags to enable better quality control
• Place signage near the recycling bin opening to deter consumers from putting trash in the bin
• Avoid recycling bins that resemble garbage cans
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Calculating your current disposal costs might help you in your decision to invest in a collection program.
Artwork Downloads
You are welcome to download and print any of the images posted below.
11” x 17” Small Poster or Bin Sign

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Find Recyclers
The amount of plastic film scrap you generate and the space you have available to dedicate to your program will determine your relationship with your local recycling center.
3” x 5” Magnet

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Recycling Bin Vendors
• Transparent bins enable better quality control.
• Signage near the bin opening helps to deter consumers from putting trash in the bin
• Avoid bins that resemble garbage cans.
• Place bins near the front of the store.
• Offer convenient access for consumers to place their trash in garbage cans. Ideally they should be located so consumers reach the garbage can before reaching the plastic bag recycling bin to avoid contamination.

Check with buyers of plastic film, or end users, since some provide bins to their customers. Search for buyers in the Recycler Directory.

Below are examples of recycling bins that can be used to collect plastic bags and does not represent all recycling bins available.
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